The Celtic Furrow Visitor Centre

Why did a farmer spit on his hand whilst making a bargain at the fair? Why do we break the wishbone of a chicken? Why is the horseshoe a symbol of good luck? Why do we wear masks at Hallowe'en?

  • Experience through models, the festivals of the Neolithic farmers of the Céide Fields (3,000 BC)
  • Journey through paintings into the celebrations of the cattlemen of the Celts (500 BC)
  • Reflect on the feasts of the early Christian period in gardens and fountains and explore the maze which traces 1,000 years of challenge and hardship
  • Recall the customs of 80 years ago and confront the future by reviewing our past
Guided Tours

Tracing 5,000 years of our culture

  • Neolithic Farmers
  • Celtic Cattlemen
  • Golden Age of Christianity
  • Rural Ireland 80 years ago

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Ballitubber Abbey


Co. Mayo


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