Lighthouse effects - Iarsmaí Tithe Solais

One section of a lighthouse optic comprising of half a bulls eye and eight quarter circle glass lens sections in a bronze frame (46cm wide x 26cm high x 14cm deep).

One paraholic reflector, of copper and brass construction which was originally part of the incandescent equipment in the lantern of a lightship (56 metre in diameter and marked A3).

One cylindrical glass, buoy lens - 200mm in diameter x 180mm high. One metal and glass reflector from the optical apparatus of the "Cormorant" Lightvessel - 50cm in diameter.

One buoy lantern, painted green, complete with 200mm glass lens and green shade. Made by AGA and marked with serial No 882. 90cm high x 20cm diameter

To exhibit light from the lighthouse

Donated on loan by Commissioners of Irish Lights.

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